Markets Served

Incora provides products and services to a diverse range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, pharmaceuticals, and more. We are specialized in finding solutions to complex challenges, and will work to bring efficiency and simplicity to your operations.

Commercial Aerospace Incora


Integrated supply and service solutions for aerospace OEMs and subcontractors.

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Aerospace Aftermarket

Aerospace Aftermarket

Responsive solutions that keep up to speed with urgency of timely aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO).

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Defense from Incora


Delivering mission-critical products and services for military aerospace, land vehicle, marine and space sectors.

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Space from Incora Markets


Take the cost and complexity out of production of your space platforms with Incora's broad inventory and innovative supply chain solutions.

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Automotive Heavy Equipment

Industrial, Automotive & Heavy Equipment

Optimizing chemical management processes for tough industrial challenges.

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Pharmacy from Incora


Taking the complexity out of chemical management to keep the focus on life-giving medicines.

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Wesco Market Healthcare

Other Markets

From healthcare to beverages, Incora has the supply chain solutions, cross-market experience, and customized approach to support various industries.

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