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Reducing Complexity for Defense

To ensure the safety and security of people around the world, defense directs, primes, and sub-primes need systems that drive efficiency in their operations.

Whether it is the manufacture or sustainment of aerospace, land, or marine platforms, Incora™ provides reliability through quality assured products, on-time delivery, and services that better allow the defense industry to deliver on its critical missions.

Our analytic, technology-driven approach is proven in ensuring continuous supplies for the manufacture and sustainment of warfighters. For directs and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Incora can help with your end-to-end procurement, transportation, delivery, sustainment, and impactful process efficiencies.

How Incora Delivers Value to the Defense Sector and its Industrial Base

  • Supply Chain Simplicity: Distribution centers around the globe with over 644,000 SKUs spanning electronic products, tooling, seals, chemicals, consumables, hardware, and more, all through a single supply chain touchpoint
  • Streamlined Sustainment: Millions of parts, chemicals, and materials stored at our global warehouses in support of maintenance, repair, and overhaul for ground vehicles, explosives, software, and more
  • Reliability: Chemical data management (tcmIS™), kitting, vending services, and other solutions to enable materials delivery on time, right first time, with full compliance and quality assurance, all driving higher reliability in your operations
  • Reduced Complexity: Supply chain and point of use inventory solutions that improve productivity and drive efficiency, helping maintain and extend the life of your platforms
  • Global Scalability: Supporting your business growth through our global footprint, while still providing your facilities with the local support needed for success

Expertise and Reliability

Incora has years of experience working with the defense industry. By partnering with us, you receive the benefit of a broad inventory of tooling, electronics, chemicals, and hardware. We take our service to you a step further by utilizing our expertise and innovative solutions to drive efficiency at every level of your supply and value chain.

By integrating our suite of open-source software applications and analytical tools into systems operated by our customers and third-party vendors, we drive automation, speed, and efficiency for sourcing, purchasing, inventory management, and demand forecasting.

Part of what makes us well equipped to the defense sector and its industrial base is our experience in industries where precision is essential. Our team is dedicated to delivering our products and services to you right first time and with zero defects, so you can deliver the mission critical.

A Dynamic and Innovative Partner

Incora is continuously improving and adding to our product offerings, logistics functions, and technologies so we can better help customers develop and adapt to changing market dynamics.

Our global footprint leverages an international network strengthened by local support, ensuring we can scale to your needs.

Find out how Incora’s products and services can help your business achieve a simpler, more efficient, and more effective supply chain and value chain.