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Reduce the Cost and Complexity of Your Programs

As the Space industry continues to expand, private companies and government bodies require a partner with expertise in complex supply chains, innovative solutions, and rigorous regulation.

Incora™ is an integrated member of the space sector, with many of our products and services contributing to recent successful launches of spacecraft. We provide hardware products, chemical management services, and more to several top companies in the space industry.

Our ability to source specialty materials, ensure compliance with ITAR and international space agreements, and deliver products by the method best suited to your production schedules uniquely positions Incora as an ideal partner for expanding your program opportunities.

How Incora Delivers Value to the Space Sector

  • One Source for a Broad Range of Products: Incora offers a comprehensive range of materials spanning hardware, chemicals, tooling, electronics, and more, with the ability to source specialty materials for your unique needs so you can reduce your daily transactions and procurement activities
  • Integrated Solutions: We integrate our services within our customers’ operations to provide innovative solutions for increasing efficiency and reducing cost
  • Reduced Supply Chain Complexity: With Incora, your business can better focus on manufacturing and maintenance operations
  • Right-size Resources: Incora provides flexible resources, with precise levels of support and materials supplied where and when they are needed for distinct phases of your build program
  • Quality and Export Control Requirements: We have the experience and ability to oversee quality assurance and quality control programs, simplifying your production process and ensuring export compliance with various regulations

Reducing the Cost of Your Programs

A key challenge for the space industry is reducing the cost to launch. Lower costs increase commercial opportunities for build programs and make your product more competitive in the marketplace.

Incora, with supply chain management as our core offering, creates the opportunity for Space customers to reduce cost and improve financial efficiencies across the supply chain.

We can drive down the expense of your programs through supplier consolidation, warehouse provision and compliance, competitive procurement costs, piece part pricing, supply agreements, and quality system implementation and management.

A Dynamic and Innovative Partner

Incora is continuously improving and adding to our product offerings, logistics functions, and technologies so we can better help customers develop and adapt to changing market dynamics.

Find out how Incora can help your business achieve a simpler, more efficient, and more effective supply and value chain.