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High-Performance Electronic Products with Value-Add Services

When it comes to managing electronic and electrical systems for critical applications, manufacturers need components that provide high performance and high reliability. That is why Incora™ offers electronic components from 40+ top manufacturers.

We operate a Center of Excellence for Electronics in Wichita, KS, handling warehousing, quality management, administration, connector and lighted switch assemblies, and wire cutting and respooling for customers worldwide.

Benefits of Incora’s Electronics Distribution

  • Extensive Available Inventory: Sourcing simplified from one trusted partner for our portfolio of electronic products and components from 40+ top electronic product manufacturers
  • Quality Certified Products: Quality assurance provided for all products to avoid costly rework
  • Value Add Services: Streamlined operations with value-added services like connector and lighted switch assemblies and right-size wire cutting and respooling
  • Quick and Agile Solutions: Same day processing for out-of-stock requirements and dock-to-stock delivery
  • Improved Cash Flow: Improved Cash Flow: Inventory stored off site at Incora facilities until you need it, lowering your overhead costs, working capital and financial risk
  • Better Purchasing Leverage: Our broad supplier base increases purchasing leverage so we can find you the best price for the parts you need
  • Optimized Supply and Value Chain: Value adding services that bolster efficiency in your processes and operations, customizing your electronic products supply chain to the unique needs of your business

Available Electronic Products

  • Backshells
  • Circuit breakers
  • Contacts
  • Harness and cable protection products
  • Jumper assemblies
  • Meters
  • Relays and relay sockets
  • Shrink tubing
  • Switches
  • Blocks and splices
  • Cable ties
  • Connectors and connector accessories
  • Fuses and fuse holders
  • Indicators
  • Lamps and LEDs
  • Potentiometers and resistive products
  • Sensors
  • Solder termination sleeves, branded sleeving and accessories
  • Terminals, terminal boards and covers
  • Wire and cable

Regulatory and Trade Compliant Operations

We offer fully traceable chain of custody on our products and comply with Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (IATA) for all packaging and shipping.

Value-Add Services

Incora operates a 70,000 square foot warehouse facility in Wichita, Kansas, dedicated entirely to our electronics products and services. This Center of Excellence provides:

  • Expansive electro-mechanical and interconnect inventory
  • In-house assembly of connectors and lighted switches
  • Cutting and respooling for wire and cable products

A Leader in Electronic Products Distribution

Our comprehensive inventory levels and supply chain expertise help us reduce complexity and increase reliability so that you can deliver mission-critical solutions that improve our world.

Optimize your supply of electronic products by sourcing from Incora.