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Inventory Management Services


Achieve High-Accuracy Inventory Forecasting

Aerospace companies today require shorter lead times and higher service and responsiveness levels.

Based on rigorous data science, Akrivis Forecasting and Planning Services enable us to support our customers to meet these demands, as well as effectively manage their wide and diverse range of products.

Combining customer insight with our Forecasting and Planning Services results in an integrated supply chain solution.

Benefits of Incora Forecasting and Planning Services

  • Increased Forecast Accuracy: Utilization of data science and machine learning
  • Minimal Inventory Cost: Significant reduction in unnecessary inventory
  • Increased Customer Service Levels: Concurrent with reduced inventories

Features of Akrivis Forecasting and Planning Services

  • Tailored to the specific needs and supply chain challenges faced by customers
  • Calibration of before and after positions to aid in financial modelling
  • Performance monitoring to ensure continuous improvement of forecast accuracy bias and stability
  • Ideal safety stock calculation to ensure service level attainment with optimized inventory holding
  • Supply chain integration to support and monitor suppliers with their own load planning and capacity management
  • Risk management at part level to provide continuity of supply
  • Standardized planning cycle support ensuring full visibility throughout the supply chain

Our Forecasting and Planning Services were specifically created to drive out unwanted inventory and cost while increasing service levels to our customers.

This tailored approach is an all-encompassing forecasting and inventory management solution that incorporates leading technologies, process discipline, and highly experienced demand and inventory specialists.

Innovation through Integration

Our forecasting and inventory solution continues to improve with the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence technology. This allows it to constantly evolve, providing tailored forecasts that enable our customers to reduce cost associated with excess inventory.

Every day, the system enables our globally positioned forecasting and inventory teams to facilitate large scale data capture and evaluation to generate future demand, inventory optimization, and supplier schedules across our customers’ complex supply chains.

This is done through a cohesive and integrated set of systemized tools, processes, and tried and tested methods.

A Trusted Forecasting Solution

Each month, hundreds of separate customer forecasts across 20 different replenishment methods are created, reviewed, and continuously improved to ensure our customers receive consistently high levels of service without the need to carry excess stock at their sites.

Since the implementation of our Forecasting and Planning Services, we have won several awards for our outstanding service driven by our accurate forecasting, such as Boeing Silver and Safran Gold.

A Leader in Forecasting and Planning Services

As a leading, global provider of innovative supply chain solutions, Incora delivers responsive systems that address the distinct needs of exacting operations.

From subject matter experts to innovative technologies, we are your complete forecasting and planning solution.

Contact us to learn more about how our Forecasting and Planning Services can improve your operations.