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Maximize Efficiency with Point-of-Use Inventory Solutions

For commercial aerospace and aftermarket companies involved in manufacturing or maintenance, efficiency is vital. Tight production schedules, Aircraft on Ground (AOG), and other factors require rapid and streamlined solutions.

Incora™ Vending Services are designed to maximize your operational efficiency. From customizable portable warehouses, to zero lead-time part traceability, to systems for streamlined regulatory compliance, our solutions go beyond last mile logistics. We support you with last millimeter logistics.

Whether your business is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or a Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) organization, our solutions ensure the job is completed on time and in full.

Vending Solutions

Incora’s zero lead time solution is built entirely around autonomous replenishment & full batch traceability. Replenishment policies can be set to your unique requirements, ensuring minimal stock holding policies are adhered to while supporting real-time MRO activities.

Key Features

  • Single, multiple and kit Bill of Material (BOM) level dispensing
  • Product available at the point of consumption in under 60 seconds
  • 24/7 secured access, unique user login ranging from simple user id log in, through to corporate ID pass integration or fingerprint / retinal scan
  • Total FAA/CAA/EASA regulatory compliance lot traceability
  • Remote vend capability to dispense parts anywhere in the world using our bespoke and dedicated app / portal
  • Full ERP system integration or “lite touch” interface as required
  • Ability to ‘return vend’ for multi-use items
  • Full online inventory management
  • Entirely customizable design
  • Bespoke customer experience from system configuration through to on-site configuration and training.

All elements of this solution can be entirely configured to your needs. From the physical size of the vending cabinet, to the number & configuration of internal secured and locked compartments.


The only “warehouse-in-a-box” solution built with MRO in mind. Designed to cater for 300+ unique part numbers and hold over 20,000 individual parts, Incora’s mobile warehouse is designed to contain all the products you need for supporting flight-line, AOG, remote site rescue, remote test cell, and 1st shop visit MRO activity.

Full multi-modal transport capability with a host of inbuilt features allows for rough service deployment. This includes an inbuilt payload lift system providing a direct lift capability.

Key Features

  • Zero lead-time line-side support with 24/7 part availability and remote vend capability
  • Customizable for storage of rotable line replacement unit inventories
  • Fully flexible and configurable
  • High security, with optional electronic anti-tamper security lock
  • Additional capacity for tooling, PPE, consumables, and reusables
  • Forklift compatible
  • Ruggedized design reduces damage and risk of losing parts
  • Air transportable – inbuilt restraint system for cargo handling and flight operations

The mobile warehouse can be completely customized to your exact requirements. Additional available features include:

  • Global asset visibility via built-in GPS tracking
  • Onboard inventory management information system
  • Variable geometry and footprint
  • Customizable and configurable outer shell with workstation option
  • Full batch traceability with real-time Bluetooth tracking option
  • Unlimited drawer / kit configurations

Vending Machines

Our vending machines address the many challenges of managing product on the shop floor. They provide real-time inventory tracking, accountability for product usage, and reduce time spent looking for parts or tools.

With automatic replenishment, maintaining ideal stock levels is safeguarded from human error.

Key Features

  • 24/7 store access
  • Manage low use inventory
  • Reduce time spent searching for parts
  • Improve security and employee accountability
  • Access to usage and spend data for easy accounting
  • Automatic replenishment simplifies maintaining inventory levels

With Incora’s Vending Machine Services, one Aerospace MRO reduced inventory carrying costs by over 80% and increased point of use locations by 620.

Comprehensive Inventory Visibility

Incora’s sophisticated software tracks inventory in real time and provides analysis of who, when, where, and how often parts or tools are used and consumed.

Usage and spend data can be tracked by work area, individual employee, item number, or any number of additional categories.

Replenishment is automatic, usage data is available online, and critical reorders can be programmed to ensure key stock is sent before the service interval.

A Leader in Point of Use Vending Solutions

As a leading, global provider of innovative supply chain solutions, Incora delivers responsive systems that address the distinct needs of Aerospace OEMs and Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO).

From batch and lot traced inventory allocation across facilities to innovative mobile options, we are your complete point of use “sub-60 second” inventory management solution.

Contact us to learn more about how our Vending Services can improve your operations.