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Pharmacy from Incora

Enabling Scientists to focus on Creating Life-giving Medicines

Pharmaceutical laboratories work with chemicals and biologics under strict regulatory restrictions. Compliance requires accurate tracking and data management for thousands of items across multiple laboratories.

A single error can have serious repercussions, including fines, production shutdowns, and long-term damage to brand reputation.

Incora™ reduces the possibility of these risks by removing the complexities of laboratory chemical management. Our services address the distinct concerns of the pharmaceutical industry by simplifying regulatory compliance, maximizing operational efficiencies, and reducing costs.

We manage your laboratory chemicals from procurement to disposal, freeing your researchers and scientists to focus on discovering and producing life-giving medications.

How Incora Delivers Value to the Pharmaceutical Sector

  • Simplified Regulatory Compliance: Easy to access and comprehensive regulatory compliance data, reducing environmental risk and fines
  • Complete Chemical Tracking: Chemicals can be located across labs and facilities, reducing waste and ensuring compliance
  • Greater Inventory Control: Robust software that augments visibility of your chemical and biologics inventory
  • Increased Efficiency: Practical systems for gatekeeping and safe handling instructions, enabling lab trials to proceed efficiently
  • Reduced Total Chemical Spend: Better tracking lowers excess and expired material, and allows unfinished materials to be used by other labs
  • Reduced Labor and Overhead Costs: Incora’s solutions free researchers to focus on higher value work

Our services helped one pharmaceutical research facility respond to a problematic regulatory situation and avoid negative repercussions.

Chemical Management Services (CMS)

Our robust service offerings cover your laboratory chemical:

  • Procurement
  • Inventory optimization
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Quality inspection
  • Onsite transport
  • Physical Auditing
  • Waste disposal

With Incora, you enjoy comprehensive laboratory chemical and biologics management that enables you to direct resources towards your core business.

Chemical Data Management – tcmIS™

Incora provides pharmaceutical facilities with our proprietary Chemical Data Management software, which includes:

  • Chemical tracking across multiple sites
  • Expiry management
  • Gatekeeping controls
  • Online SDS management
  • Regulatory reporting data
  • Data integration and cleansing
  • Improved forecasting ability
  • Our combination of software and services delivers new levels of productivity and efficiency to operations.

A Dynamic and Innovative Partner

Incora is continuously improving and adding to our product offerings, logistics functions, and technologies so we can better help customers develop and adapt to changing market dynamics. Our global footprint leverages an international network strengthened by local support.

Find out how Incora can help your business achieve a simpler, more efficient, and more effective supply and value chain.